Friday, 6 June 2014

I remember being stumbled on the question, “Who is the richest man in the world?” when I was in the second grade. 
The answer to this question was Bill Gates, which I came to know later. Further read on him made me aware of the fact that I share my birthday with him! During my formative years, it was the matter of great pride to keep on telling people around me about this (to confess I still do the same). Now, come on, not everyone have the privilege of sharing birthday with ‘that’ guy. In my memoir, this was how I got introduced to Microsoft. Not because of any of its amazing technologies, but because of its founder. I once asked my computer teacher why Windows a synonym for computers, to which she replied; it is because it looks like a window! She might have felt that this is enough to satisfy little girl’s curiosity. But the penchant for technology was developing in me and today I know why Windows is a perfect synonym for computers.
Initially, computer classes were limited to basics: Input/output devices, CPU, Keyboard (loved spacebar key), Monitor and we were being taught to type. Notepad and WordPad were great for this, especially when you see your name on the screen. As a child, I used to love splashing colors on the digital canvas. Further there was PowerPoint and Encarta who helped in preparing those school projects. How can I forget Internet Explorer which virtually opened the window to the world. Schooling was actually incomplete without these Microsoft technologies. 

From basics to advanced, Microsoft is everywhere and has impacted the lifes of one and all. Windows Xp, Windows 7 and Windows 8 now Windows 8.1 have dominated the OS market just because of ease and simplicity they provide.MS-Excel provided me with a perfect solution for storing  data, so that it is easily accessible.

Office 365 is a complete package to do my college projects and other works. One drive is a perfect and secured cloud storage solution for me., helps to stay connected with people. How can I forget Skype,  the video calling service. I realised its importance while I was a participant in Google Online Marketing Challenge 2014, it helped me connect
with my participating organization which is in Pune (thank god, it’s free!). Bing helped me to get the information when I needed it.
 Microsoft Visual Studio helped me develop computer programs for web sites, web applications and web services. As Visual Studio supports different programming languages, I need not learn any new language to use it.
Other built-in tools, Express editions and plug-ins helped me enhance functionality at every level.

 Windows Phone was a cherry on the cake; it solved the problem of mobility for these technologies. Hence, Microsoft touched every depth and breadth of technological world! Xbox certainly increased the number of avid gamers around. These are some nominal impacts created by Microsoft.

As a Microsoft Student Associate I would first like to create awareness about the Microsoft technologies. Now days, college curriculum is not enough to help you become a good IT professional. Microsoft Virtual academy can help students for the same. Various Microsoft Certification exams can help students to start their careers and take it to pinnacle. Certification increases visibility and brings recognition for knowledge and skills. I would like to initiate activities on the campus which would help students to connect to greater pool of Microsoft developers and help them become one! Increasing the involvement of students community of each level in various Microsoft programs and other events would me my one of the major goals Also, I would like to contribute in best possible ways to Microsoft by developing programs and tools to simplify and enhance the functionality of various Microsoft technologies and help Microsoft to connect to larger students community! 

I liked it!!!!